Align 500 UH-60 Blackhawk Scale Fuselage

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This is an optional Align UH-60 Blackhawk Scale Fuselage, and is intended for use with the Align T-Rex 500 helicopter.

The UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter has been popularized in Hollywood productions leaving fans with an impression of its role as a wartime payload carrier. This is an awesome canopy for collectors and scale enthusiasts alike. The highly detailed scale features found on this fuselage will allow you to live out your dream of piloting the UH-60 Blackhawk.

The package includes specialized side frames, a scale elevated tail rotor system, and functional cabin doors! Plus, when you add the optional scale 4 blade flybarless rotor head, blades and an electronic flybarless rotor system (not included), you can perfectly re-create the scale looks of the UH-60, while at the same time reaping the benefits of a flybarless rotor head! Time to turn your T-Rex 500 into a Blackhawk and send it out to the battle field for your own search and rescue mission!

NOTE: Four blade rotor head, blades and flybarless system are not included with this fuselage, and must be purchased separately.


  • Special side frames
  • Elevated tail rotor assembly
  • Scale landing gear assembly
  • Functional cabin doors

Body length: 1085mm
Body width: 244mm
Body high: 265mm
Weight: 890g


  • (2) Fiberglass main frames (R/L)
  • (1) Tail boom (15x16x152mm)
  • (1) Torque tube (154mm)
  • (1) Linkage rod (B) (2x180mm)
  • (1) Plate
  • (1) Torque tube drive gear assembly
  • (1) Angled tail transmission assembly
  • (1) Tail rotor control arm
  • (2) Linkage ball A (T2.6x3.5)
  • (1) Collar screw
  • (4) Ball link
  • (1) One-way Bearing Grease
  • (2) Long Torque Tube Drive Gear 

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