Hangar 9 Twin Otter ARF

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Hangar 9’s Twin Otter is a scale model of the UV-18 'Twin Otter' is the military version of the DeHavilland DHC-6.

The trim scheme is based on the three UV-18B planes used by the US Air Force Academy cadet parachuting program which carry a pilot, copilot and up to 17 jumpers, and are the only three owned by the Air Force. Although this is a multi-engine model, the high wing design and clark Y airfoil improve low speed handling and provide stable flight characteristics which make this a great first-time twin for intermediate to advanced pilots. The Twin Otter ARF also features an electric power option which adds to the reliability. It also features fiberglass cowlings and fairings which make it very durable and easy to repair. The aircraft also includes fixed gear and large landing flaps to provide easy and fun landings without the addition of complicated landing gear necessary.

Key Features:

  • Painted fiberglass Engine Nacelles, Cowlings, Nose and Main Gear Fairings
  • Fixed Landing Gear with functional Oleo Nose Strut
  • EVO 36/Power 25 ready
  • Clark Y Airfoil
  • Easy-going sport plane flying manners
  • Exceptional scale outline
  • Plug-in wings with slotted flaps installed
  • Balsa/light plywood airframe
  • All hardware included


  • Wingspan: 82.0 in (2080mm)
  • Overall Length: 65.0 in (1650mm)
  • Wing Area: 738 sq in (47.61 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight: 11.5 – 13.2 lb (5.2 – 6.0 kg)
  • Engine Size: .36-.40 2-Stroke
  • Motor Size: Power 25 BL Outrunner Motor
  • Radio: 6+ channel with 8-10 servos
  • Trim Scheme Colors: Ultracote: Golden Yellow (U889), White (U870), Deep Blue (U873)
  • CG (center of gravity): The recommended CG location is 2 1/2 (64mm) to 3 inches (76mm) behind the leading edge of the wing.

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