Bob Long Victory Paintball Gun - Black

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Brand: Bob Long
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The Bob Long Victory has no macro hoses, easy bolt removal and a great light weight construction. Check out all the features that make this paintball marker a top choice among advanced paintball players.

Bob Long Victory Specifications:

  • True Bearing Trigger for smooth and responsive trigger pull.
  • 3D Milling with cuts completely through the body makes for the latest Marq series marker to date.
  • Hoseless Design means no external macro hoses to snag or leak due to impacts.
  • Integrated On/ Off ASA works in conjunction with the Hoseless Design and features a streamlined on/ off knob.
  • Short Style Regulator for sleek profile and handling.
  • Lever Lock Feedneck grips your loader and keeps it in place.
  • Proficiency Engine allows for incredible air efficiency and consistentcy.
  • Pillow Bolt with soft rubber face for gentle paint interface.
  • No Tool Engine Removal lets you remove the Engine and Pillow Bolt in seconds for easy maintenance.
  • Tadao Ryujin Board for nearly limitless setting control up to 30 Balls Per Second and beyond.
  • Incredible Air Efficiency up to 2100 shots from 68ci/4500 PSI tank.
  • 4C Eye Compatible.

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