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Blade Chroma GoPro Ready RC Drone

Ex Tax: $244.00
Brand: Blade
Product Code: TOYS
Availability: In Stock
Tags: TOYS

Model Number: BLH8680

Introducing the incredible, high-performance Blade Chroma RC Drone with GoPro-Ready Fixed Camera Mount. This version of the amazing Blade Chroma series Drones comes with Bind-N-Fly® technology, allowing you to connect any Spektrum transmitter. When you want to capture incredible aerial footage, you can utilize the equipped GoPro-ready camera mount and get a stunning bids-eye-view. Flying a RC Drone has never been this easy with SAFE® Plus Technology. You have multiple flight options, giving you complete control without worry. If you're just starting out, have no fear, the SAFE Circle barrier prevents the aircraft from flying a little too close to you. With the adjustable flight boundaries, you can keep the Drone flying within a given parameter, so you don't annoy your neighbors or perhaps invade personal airspace. And when you're finished with your flight, with the flip of a switch, the return-home function will safely pilot the aircraft back to its start-up point and land itself for you! Don't be caught picking up the pieces of a lesser Drone, get the Blade Chroma RC Drone with GoPro-Ready Fixed Camera Mount, now!


  • Shoot exciting aerial video with your GoPro camera (not included)
  • Easy to fly - no experience necessary
  • Binds to your 4+ channel DSM2®/DSMX® transmitter (not included)
  • 30 minute flight times (Dependent on flying style and/or wind conditions.)
  • Advanced SAFE® Plus technology
  • Smart Mode for beginner pilots
  • AP Mode for experienced pilots
  • Return Home function
  • Uses GLONASS and U.S. GPS for greater accuracy and reliability
  • Mast-mounted GPS antenna for superb signal reception

If you already own a compatible Spektrum transmitter and a GoPro camera , you can save money and storage space with this Bind-N-Fly® version of the Chroma camera drone. It has all the power and stability you need for shooting amazing aerial video and photography. Just bind it to your Spektrum transmitter, attach your camera and fly!

SAFE Plus Technology
SAFE Plus technology gives you several flight modes that have been specially programmed to make smooth, steady image capture easy. In fact, it can make you look like a pro even if you've never flown a camera drone before! All flight modes feature self-leveling and use GPS and altitude sensors to precisely hold position. SAFE Plus technology will even land the aircraft for you if you activate the Return Home function.

Smart Mode
Perfect for first-time drone flyers.

    • Stick Relativity moves drone in whatever direction the control stick is pushed, no matter which way the nose is pointed
    • Creates a SAFE Circle barrier that prevents the aircraft from flying too close to you
    • Auto-holds position and altitude when control sticks are released

AP Mode
For more experienced drone pilots.

    • Responds like a conventional drone without Stick Relativity
    • Gives you greater control authority by turning off the SAFE Circle
    • Keeps control response smooth so panning and tracking shots look great
    • Auto-holds position and altitude when control sticks are released

Return Home
Safe landings with the flip of a switch.

    • Returns the drone to its start-up point and lands it for you
    • Great for first-time flyers who aren't ready to land themselves
    • Easy way to regain visual contact if you lose sight in flight
    • Resume full control at any time
    • Activates automatically if controller signal is lost

Adjustable Flight Boundaries
Stay legal. Stay safe. Fly responsibly.

    • Keeps the drone within altitude and distance limits you define
    • Easily adjusted using the Chroma programmer
    • Helps you avoid sensitive airspace ...and neighbors

Fixed Camera Mount: GoPro-Ready When You Are
The included camera mount accepts almost any model of GoPro camera. It features:

  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Manual tilt adjustment for camera holder
  • Rubber-dampened mounting base

If you want to upgrade to a 3-axis, stabilized camera setup, there are several options the Chroma drone has been designed to accept:

  • CGO3 4K Stabilized Camera (BLH8622)
  • CGO2+ 1080p Stabilized Camera (BLH8621)
  • GoPro-Ready GPH4 Stabilized Brushless Gimbal (BLH8627)


  • Blade Chroma with GoPro-Ready Fixed Camera Mount RC Drone
  • Long-Lasting 5400mAh LiPo Flight Battery
  • Flight Battery Charger
  • Extra Set of Propellers
  • USB Programmer Cable
  • GoPro-Ready Fixed Camera Mount (GoPro camera not included, GoPro Hero 4 recommended)


  • Approx. Flying Time: 30 minutes
  • Battery: 11.1V 3S 5400mAh LiPo
  • Motor to Motor Distance: 400mm
  • Height: 9.50 in (242mm)
  • Flying Weight: 45.9 oz (1.3kg)
  • Motors: 780Kv Brushless Outrunner
  • Prop Diameter: 260 mm
  • Flight Control Link: 2.4GHz
  • GPS Receiver GLONASS: and U.S.
  • Completion Level: Bind-N-Fly
  • Recommended Environment: Outdoor

Battery Requirements:

  • Vehicle: 11.1V 3S 5400mAh LiPo Rechargeable Flight Battery (Included)
  • Charger: LiPo Battery Charger (Included)

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