Airtronics RDS8000 8-Channel 2.4Ghz Crawler Radio System

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The RDS8000 Crawler is a full-featured 8-channel system, packed with capabilities and Features to help you get your crawler to the top of the Rocks! A top-quality digital radio, the RDS8000 is noted for its ease of operation and programming.

Whether your into 1.9, 2.2, or Super Class Competition, any crawler enthusiast or competitor will benefit when using the standard features of the RDS8000.

Whether driving a basic model or one that requires advanced features, the RDS8000 can do it all! One of the key features of the RDS8000 is the ability to use both basic or advanced program menu.

The RDS8000 makes programming easier by allowing you to turn off any programming screen not required. Because it uses Airtronics' FHSS 2.4GHz communications technology you never have to worry about an 'open frequency'. Crawl any where, any time with confidence.


  • Airtronics RDS8000 2.4Ghz FHSS Mode 2 Transmitter
  • NiCad Rechargeable Transmitter Battery
  • Transmitter Battery Charger
  • Switch Harness
  • Airtronics 92824 2.4Ghz FHSS 8 Channel Receiver

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